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Haldiram Distributor has earned a reputation of over 70 years of free India's history. Haldiram Distributor is one of the top 70 Indian Power Brands. Haldiram, with the unique honor of being on the top 70 Indian power brands, gains all the respects in both global and Indian markets as well.

The Power Brands awards held on September 12, 2017, is the memorable day for the glorious history of Haldiram Distributor. The honor that it deserves will reap much more in the future and its dedication to customers. The passion for taste and quality and the understanding feature provides the best service. As we know, earning customer loyalty is the best award for any company, and Haldiram Distributor has achieved that success with its dedicated work and quality. Read More...

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Your Trust Is Our Priority

Haldiram's was chosen as one of India's most trusted power brands with a global reputation for taste, standard, and quality by the renowned organizations.

Haldiram's knows respects and also understands the nuances of the Indian palate. The food products or Haldiram Distributor cater to various unique tastes to a diverse country like India, with all different types of cultures and taste buds. Haldiram Distributor has scored naturally over many others.

Haldiram's effort is all too evident with its customer base and love, market reach, customer satisfaction, success, and the accolades. Haldiram Distributor attract their customers to their whims and fancies and allow them to customize their order when they order online. In this way, the customer gets precisely what they want in a mix.

Haldiram Distributor carries on the tradition of delivering only the best quality food products, and every time it exceeded the expectations of customers. Even today, Haldiram Distributor is known for the best. The tremendous success reason for this brand's success is the 'authentic' taste they give in every product they manufacture.

Haldiram manufacture every sweet and savory food items in-house and is closely monitored by management with responsibility. Food items manufactured are uniform in quality and taste, coupled with excellent packaging with the distribution. Haldiram Distributor had made a well-known name throughout India. Haldiram Distributor company has never increased the food products' cost unless the cost of raw materials shot up or any new taxes were imposed. Competitive pricing, too, has helped in a wide range of the considerable success of Haldiram Distributor.


Grab The Bite

A wide range of snacks, sweets, ready-to-eat-foods, cookies and biscuits, dairy products, pickles, and fruit juice concentrates are Halfiram's range, which brings the number of products to almost 400 across all the companies.

The packages are available in several sizes. For the health-conscious, there is assurance in every step in the manufacturing process, which confirms the quality and safety of all the manufactured food items. We use the best raw materials for manufacturing the food products, and hygiene is also ensured by a mechanized process that eliminates handling of the food products at any stage.

Inside a Haldiram Distributor unit, the ingredients are blended with freshly ground spices and seasoning using the most advanced machines. Our expert employees personnel carefully and hygienically handle the process in order to avoid any dips in the high standard that we maintain. The taste of the manufactured food items is checked thoroughly through elaborate tests before transferring for further processing.

Our Delicious Range Of Products

Haldiram's food products are synonymous with tasty, mouth-watering snacks. Haldiram Distributor manufacture sweet or spicy, hot snacks with the single motive of indulging the customer in great taste. We keep the mark of excellence for our best service - Haldiram Distributor pips other food processing Indian snack manufacturers at the post. Haldiram Distributor provides mouth-watering snacks for customers to relish during high-tea, at home, at the office, while traveling or only when you feel hunger. Haldiram's snacks come with delicious varieties.

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locationHaldiram Foods International Pvt Ltd, 145/146, Old Pardi Naka, Bhandara Road, Nagpur - 440032